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LG LCS0712ST Countertop Microwave Review
Best Compact Countertop Microwave

Small, square, and fits anywhere

If you are on the search for a small microwave, designed to fit into your tight space, this one should be right up your alley. I have lived in plenty of small flats over the years and, therefore, understand the importance of finding a small microwave. I am quite certain that kitchens inside apartments were all designed before the invention of the microwave – even kitchens in newer buildings. It’s as though the builders just stole plans from architects of the past and created kitchens without any space for a microwave.

LG LCS0712ST Stainless-Steel Microwave

LG LCS0712ST Compact
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Whether you are forced to house your microwave on the countertop, above your fridge, or in the range over your stove, you may want to consider this sleek stainless steel option. As you will see in the following sections, I did not choose this simply because it is small. With 0.7 cubic feet of interior space, this is one of the smallest options I have listed on this website. Obviously, though, with many other 0.7 cubic foot options available, I selected this one for other reasons. Surprisingly, one of those reasons was not its appealing stainless steel finish or crisp squared corners. Let’s get right into those other impressive features and functions now.

Cook Entire Meals

If you are struggling to live in an extremely tiny space – a matchbox, bachelor apartment, a trailer/RV – you know the importance of minimizing the number of appliances you have in your space. Perhaps you have chosen to remove your stove to gain a little more space. Maybe you found that a microwave would be a much smaller option for cooking your food and used the space for a small freezer or a set of table and chairs. If you are working with a trailer or an RV, there is a chance that you never really had a stove to replace at all, and are simply looking for a viable way to cook your meals.

Not all microwaves will allow you to cook a proper meal, though. Many will simply allow you to reheat food. A lot of them have a defrost option as well. Still, the option to fully cook food from scratch (not from a microwavable box or plastic container) is rare, at best. I think you know where I am going with this. The option of fully cooking food is definitely included with this impressive microwave. In fact, it even has special settings specifically for the most popular dinner foods: potatoes, fresh vegetables, ground meat, poultry, and beef steak or pork chops.

Basic Functions, Too

Just because you plan to use this microwave to cook entire meals does not meant you aren’t also looking for a microwave which preforms more traditional microwave roles. There will, certainly, come a time when you want to use it to reheat food. You will probably want to pop some corn at some point as well. There will be days that you just don’t have it in you to prepare a meat, vegetable and potatoes-type meal, so you will turn to the frozen entrees microwaves are famous for cooking. Special settings for each of these option (reheat/food plate, popcorn, frozen entrees) are also built into this unit for your convenience.

Other Features and Functions

If you thought I’d already covered everything, you are wrong. Though everything I have already listed would make this an incredible piece of machinery, I wouldn’t be being fully honest with you if I didn’t proceed to tell you about the many other features and functions built into this microwave.

In addition to everything listed above, this microwave is also capable of acting as a kitchen timer (running a countdown clock and beeping upon completion without running the actual unit). It also features a digital clock, a programmable power level, and cook timer. One of my favorite options is the “energy saving” option, which reduces the wattage to conserve energy during certain tasks.

Basically, this is a very complete little microwave, and you can learn all about it right here on Amazon.com. I’ve only mentioned the most notable features, but as you will see there’s much more to this compact powerheater.

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