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Panasonic NN-DN936B Countertop Microwave Review
Best Countertop Microwave Overall

Simple design meets superior function

Despite its very simple appearance, this is one of the most advanced microwaves in today’s market. Unlike some of those which aim high and hit low, this advanced microwave also promises to please you with its actual ability to function well. In fact, consumers appear extremely satisfied with their purchase of this microwave.

If you are wondering what makes it so special, the secret is in its abilities and its easy-to-use interface. Not only can it do a lot of wonderful things, it makes doing those things very easy and straightforward. Unlike microwaves which require you to perform math or weight your food before you begin, single touch options allow you to achieve the results you are looking for with little to no hassle.

Panasonic NN-SN936B with Inverter Technology, 2.2 cu. ft.

Panasonic NN-SN936B Countertop Microwave
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Inverter Technology

Many people get confused when they see the words “inverter technology” – they simply have no idea what that means. Don’t worry, it really isn’t all that difficult to understand and I promise to explain it without even getting into all that technical jargon that makes your eyes glaze over.

Have you ever listened to a traditional microwave as it runs? If so, you may have noticed that it will make a variety of noises as it cooks your food. It may get louder and quieter over and over again, as if something keeps turning on and off. Well, something does keep turning on and off – the actual cooking waves.

Zapping the food over and over again with these waves was the best way microwave creators knew how to cook food. This method wasn’t perfect, though, like most things. It often caused food to cook unevenly. This is why you would find yourself having to cut food open or stir it up partway through the process. This is also why microwave designers first began including turntables inside their units.

Inverter technology allows for a continuous stream of cooking power to make its way through your food. This continuous stream cooks food more thoroughly and much more quickly. It also does this without cooking one part of the food more so than others!

Settings and Programs

Pre-programmed settings for 14 of the most popular foods and beverages for which microwaves are often used allow you to cook without confusion. Take all the guesswork out of your kitchen work by simply selecting the food you intend to cook and letting the microwave do the rest. These settings cover a wide range of foods including vegetables, potatoes, and meat, like those programs built into many other microwaves. Unlike other microwaves, though, this one also includes interesting settings such as those for pasta, oatmeal, and pizza.

A special stay warm setting allows you to keep your food at a perfect temperature. I love this option. I often finish cooking one part of a meal long before the others are ready – either out of poor timing or not having enough pots to cook with on my stove. The ability to shove a dish or two inside the microwave to keep them warm is one I love!

This is also a great option for people who eat before the rest of their family returns home. If anyone comes in late, they can simply walk right over to the microwave and pull out their dinner – warm as the moment it finished cooking!

Sensor Settings

There are still a few other topics I’d like to discuss here and I am quickly running out of space, so I’ll keep this short. This microwave has sensor reheat and sensor cooking! This means that the microwave will cook according to the type of food you place inside it. It will continually adjust the power level and timer depending upon the food, and will monitor its progress as it cooks.

Simply a Beautiful Design

I know there is still more to say about the features and functions built into this unit, but I am beginning to run out of space here, and I simply could not finish this article without taking some time to discuss its sleek and stylish appearance. The all-one-color design, whether you select black or white, helps this unit blend in better with its surroundings and gives it a bit of a futuristic appeal. Unlike the choppy design of many microwaves – which feature different colors or finishes on their outer casings, doors, handles, and control panels – this one blends everything together, allowing the eye to flow seamlessly over it as you scan the room.

Other Mentionable Options

I want to take a quick moment to give you the rundown of the other great qualities built into this microwave. Like many of its competitors, it includes a kitchen timer, a defroster, a popcorn setting, and a clock. Unlike most competitors, however, it also has a turbo defrost option to help you achieve your thawing needs at an even quicker pace.

There’s a lot more to be said about the features of this Panasonic microwave, but if you’re interested I’d suggest you check it out on Amazon and check if your favorite feature is included. I’m pretty sure it is.

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