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An Easy Microwave Cleaning Tip

Ah! Cleaning ovens, don’t you just love it! Well, I know I don’t and it’s one of the jobs I’m always putting off until it just HAS to be done or this appliance in my kitchen will stop working properly. I am of course talking about conventional ovens, and although microwaves are smaller it’s still a right pain to have to clean it.

There are all sorts of stains and bits of baked on food that can get in your microwave and depending on what model you have, cleaning it can be a chore (especially if you leave it until it just can’t be ignored anymore). Sure, you can get turntables that go in the dishwasher so keeping those clean isn’t such a big deal but what about the inside?

With some microwaves you have to be very careful with the types of cloths, sponges and cleaning products you use or it will damage the interior. Even if you can use abrasive products, it’s still a chore. So, just for you I have a really handy tip that will make cleaning your microwave a real breeze!

The Lemon Trick

OK, so you will need a few things before you can use this really simple trick for cleaning your microwave:

  • 1 Lemon
  • 4 Cups of Water
  • A Bowl (microwave safe)
  • A soft cotton cloth (for more stubborn stains)

What You Need to Do

This is so simple I couldn’t believe it when I came across the idea. All you need to do is slice the lemon into quarters and place them in the bowl. Then, pop the four cups of water inside the bowl with the lemons. Next, put the bowl with all its contents in your microwave and set it to power-up for five minutes.

Go away and have a sip of (or three) of coffee. When the microwave has finished, remove the bowl and the turntable. For the light cleaning jobs you should only need to give the interior a wipe as well as the turntable and pop it back in the microwave.

For the more stubborn stains inside, dip the cotton cloth into the lemon mixture and wipe around the interior. And there you have it! One clean microwave that’s stain free and smells really fresh too! If you would like to use this really neat microwave cleaning tip but would prefer to follow something more visual rather than what I have written here, feel free to take a look at this video which takes you through each step one at a time.

Happy microwave cleaning!

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