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Range Hood Reviews

OK, so this page on my website might make you think I’ve gone off on a complete tangent (and maybe I have), but I had to include some reviews on range hoods for those of you who are interested in a countertop microwave or convection oven rather than an over the range type.

Having a range hood is actually really important in the kitchen for a number of reasons (anyone who has had to clean a kitchen will understand)! When you cook, you can’t get away from the fact that grease, bits of food, odors and smoke will be released into the air and that’s where a range hood helps.

The reviews I’ve added below for you “range” from budget types with all the basics to those that have all the “bells and whistles” an appliance like this can offer you.

#1. Broan 413004 Economy
Want Style But on a Budget?

This range hood is first on my list because I know not many people have a lot of money to spend on an appliance like this. After all, it’s just one of many you need around the home.

The Broan 30-Inch two-speed (which is a non-duct model) is made from stainless steel and comes in a variety of colors. You can choose from any of the following: Almond, biscuit, bisque, black, and white and of course stainless steel. For the price I think this is quite a vast choice because it means this range hood will fit into most kitchen decors and it’s actually very good looking.

Of course, because it’s a non-duct type range hood you will need to plug it in or hard wire it into your existing set-up. It removes smoke and odors from the air when you cook using a charcoal filter and has two speeds. Oh, and if you’re worried about noise you will still be able to have a conversation when it’s in use!

There is also a light control and this model takes a 75 watt bulb which sadly isn’t included but that’s reflected in the cost. Overall, for the price I don’t think you can go wrong with this range hood if you don’t want any “bells and whistles”. You may also be interested to know the dimensions which are: 30 inches in width, 17 ½ inches in depth and a height of 6 inches.

#2. Broan QS130SS Allure 30″ Range Hood
The Perfect Under-Cabinet Range Hood

I really like this range hood. After all, it wouldn’t be here if I didn’t! Again, I stick with the manufacturer Broan and this model is a 30 inch and comes in stainless steel. There are two very discerning features about this range hood.

The first is how quiet it is on low speed (you have two speeds to choose from). On low it’s only 1.5 sones making it about 50% quieter than other models like this. However, on top speed it will emit 5 sones. Incidentally, CFM is at 110 on low and 220 on high. The second is the versatility this range hood offers in terms of how you get rid of all those odors and grease that floats about.

You can choose to have it installed into the duct, use it as ductless and it converts in four ways. Both 3 ¼ and 10 inch discharge is available either horizontally or vertically, and if you wish you can have 7 inch round. Plus, the duct connectors are adjustable making installation really easy.

Aside from how quiet this range hood is and the versatility it offers the design is also intuitive. It’s completely enclosed with micro-mesh filters which are dishwasher safe, and if you use it as ductless there are charcoal filters (one is included by the way). There are also rocker switches so you can utilize both the fan and the lights however, do bear in mind you will need halogen bulbs and these are not included with the price.

#3. Z Line ZLKB36 36 Inch
Excellent Quality at the Right Price

Next on my list of range hoods is the Z Line ZLKB36 Stainless Steel Wall Mount which is 36 inches. On first sight, it’s the design that catches your eye. It’s a chimney style range hood finished in brushed stainless steel and can be ceiling or wall mounted.

Whilst this range hood can be installed as a duct type you can also easily convert it to ductless but do bear in mind you will have to make sure you use the activated charcoal filters if you’re going to get the best from it.

You have a four speed motor with 760 CFM and one of the features I really like is the fact you can set a timer so it will automatically shut-off (anything to make life easier in the kitchen)! When it comes to cleaning, the baffle filters are made of stainless steel and are dishwasher safe, yet another time-saver in the kitchen.

Lighting of course is something I can’t miss out and this range hood is equipped with two 20 watt halogen bulbs that can be moved around for directional lighting. The controls are a push button type and there is also an LCD display to let you know what level of power you’re using. Overall, I think this range hood looks good, is of excellent quality, easy to install and does a great job of keeping grease off your surfaces and eliminating food smells.

#4. Golden Vantage 30″ Range Hood GV-R01-75
Contemporary and Powerful!

This isn’t one of the cheapest range hoods I have for you but it sure does pack a punch! The Golden Vantage 30″ Under Cabinet certainly wouldn’t look out of place in a commercial kitchen but due to the design, I think it will also add a certain something to a kitchen in the home.

It’s made from stainless steel and is European in design which gives it a contemporary look. This range hood does have to be wall mounted and you do need to be careful about the size of duct you have because this can cause problems on installation. It has an eight inch discharge so if your duct doesn’t match you may need some help but it’s not impossible.

As far as power is concerned, you get a 900 CFM dual motor which emits no more than 65 decibels of sound making it pretty quiet considering how efficient it is at removing smoke and odors when you’re cooking. Plus, you get two 35 watt halogen lights which will easily light up your cooking area.

Other neat features I think deserve a mention include the automatic sensor which detects heat and will start the fan for you. As the heat increases, so does the blower. You also get an LED display on the unit, a remote control so there is less chance of damage to the hood and its ETL approved for the USA and Canada.

#5. Broan F402401 24 Inch
Basic Environment Control in the Kitchen

This is by far the cheapest range hood I have on my website, and you guessed it, it comes from Broan! The model I’m talking about is the 24-Inch Two-Speed 4-Way Convertible Range Hood and is available in painted steel or stainless steel. Incidentally, if you opt for painted there are no less than five colors available.

The axial fan is 190 CFM which will adequately clear your kitchen of unwanted smells and reduce the amount of heat produced when you’re cooking. The included mesh filters are dishwasher safe and made entirely of aluminum. You get the benefit of a two speed fan and one incandescent light bulb which isn’t included with the price.

One of the best things about this range hood is it can be converted in four ways. It’s possible to have ductless (although you don’t get a carbon filter, just a grease filter), or it installs as ducted at 3 ¼ inch by 10 inch horizontally and vertically. If you wish, you can also have 7 inches round vertical.

This isn’t the fanciest range hood on the market but the price will easily fit most budgets and personally, I think it’s a great idea if your needs are basic in the kitchen or if you have rental properties.

If you’re interested in finding out more about any of the range hoods I have reviewed here for you, they’re all available on Amazon. You never know, there might be discounts too!

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