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Air Fryer Reviews

Health consciousness is becoming a new way of life. For so long, we have lived without considering the impact of the food we eat, choosing instead to focus on how tasty it is. More and more, health news is telling us that our typical diet of fast and fried foods is doing our bodies more harm than good, and more and more people are moving toward other options.

If you can’t get enough of the fried food flavor and still need to cook your food in quick time, you need to check out these air fryers. Still relatively new to the market, air fryers use only a tiny amount oil to infuse that fried flavor we love into our foods. They use super heated air to do the rest of the cooking in much less time than it takes to bake those same foods. What does this mean? This means you can have fast foods which taste as though they’ve been fried without the harmful effects associated with drenching that food in grease. In fact, your food will have up to 75% less fat than if cooked using any other frying option!

I have specially selected each of the following air fryers for you. Whether you want something small or something large, something high tech or something simple – one of these fryers is bound to do the trick.

#1 – Philips HD9220/26 Airfryer
The Original, Our Top Choice

Given the stamp of approval by top celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, this air fryer is our top choice based on its stellar ability to get the job done. Look, I know that there are many air fryers on the market these days and that these fryers, for the most part, look the same. The difference comes in, though, when you consider how well they actually do their job. If you like your fries crisp and crunchy, this is simply the best air fryer you can buy.

Though you can create many different types of air-fried food in this machine, allow me to give you an idea of its capacity by referring to French fries again (after all, that is how most companies explain the capacity of these machines). This fryer can hold up to one full bag (or 1.75 pounds) of French fries. This may not be enough for bigger families, but the smaller size means it takes up less counter space. Many customers who buy something like a 2.5 pound air fryer are surprised to learn that the air fryer itself, once installed in the kitchen, is indeed very big.

Another thing I have found by reading carefully through many consumer reviews is that this air fryer is built to last – no cheap parts that will break within a few uses. What really sets this (and most other Philips air fryers) apart from the others though is its patented starfish design which moves the air around in just the right way to make the most perfect and evenly cooked food possible. You will also be happy to know that this machine can do more than just fry. It can also roast and grill. No need to heat up your whole kitchen on a hot summer’s night if you want to eat a pork roast with grilled vegetables and a side of fries – just make it all in your new air fryer.

#2. T-fal FZ7002 ActiFry
The Runner Up

If you are looking for something comparable to the air fryer listed directly above, but want something a little larger, this T-fal fryer is sure to satisfy. Able to hold up to 2.2 pounds of French fries, this unit is significantly larger than the one listed above. This means it will take up more space on your countertop or in your cupboard, but it also means it is capable of cooking larger quantities of food.

Like the Philips we chose for our number one spot, this fryer is capable of roasting, grilling, and frying. One tablespoon of oil is all you will need to create a wide range of tasty dishes. If I’m honest, the only reason that this one did not take the top spot over the Philips is that it doesn’t use the same “starfish” design and, therefore, doesn’t create as evenly-cooked food.

One of my favorite things about this fryer is how easy it is to clean. Although this is an electrical appliance, all of the pieces your food touches are removable and dishwasher-safe. Removing those pieces is just as simple as washing them. They lift out with very little fuss or effort on your part – no need for pulling, pushing, or messing with fancy clips. All plastic pieces are BPA and PFOA free, meaning that they will not release harmful chemicals when used. The non-stick aluminum cooking pan is also BPA and PFOA free.

#3 – Philips XL Air Fryer HD9240
Extra-Large for Your Whole Family

The size and shape of this unit, though somewhat strange at first, is actually quite helpful. A lot of these fryers are low and wide, meaning that they take up a lot of counter space without making good use of the vertical space between the countertop and the upper cupboards of your kitchen. Like a coffee maker, however, this unit takes great advantage of that space.

Let’s quickly cover the basics, here, before I forget. This fryer is very similar to the Philips fryer we discussed at the top of this page. It is backed by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and has received incredible consumer reviews. The big difference between this Philips fryer and the one that took our number one spot is that this one can hold more food. Its incredibly large capacity means it can hold up to 2.65 pounds of French fries. Just imagine how many other foods you could create in this fryer!

Like the other Philips fryer, this one is not meant only for French fries or other deep fry-style foods. You can also use it to grill up a healthy stir fry, roast a flank of meat, or add some flavor to your steamed vegetables. In fact, the unit pretty much steams the food with oil, if you really think about it.

#4. Big Boss 9063 Oil-Less Fryer
Most Stylish Option

Allow me to say, first and foremost, that this fryer’s biggest selling point is its triple cooking power. You can use a mixture of halogen light heating, infrared light heating, and convection heating to air fry and super crisp almost any food you desire.

There are many great qualities boasted by the Big Boss 9063, but I just cannot help but sit in awe of its style. All of the other fryers on this list, be they standard or advanced, are rather basic looking – they all have black or white exteriors and look like space ships or coffee makers. This fryer, on the other hand, is much more stylish. Available in red, purple, grey, blue, black, and white, this fryer is built with more than just function in mind.

The interesting style of this fryer also serves a practical purpose. The clear plastic parts of the exterior allow you to watch your food as it cooks. Personally, I don’t recommend sitting there for the entire length of the cooking process (unless you plan to use this as a new form of meditation), but it is nice to know that you can check in now and then to monitor the progress of your meal without having to open the unit and interrupt the process.

The stackable trays inside this machine allow you to cook multiple dishes at one time. You can create a tasty stir fry on one level and succulent chunks of meat on another; you can make French fries in the basket and fried chicken in the base. The options here are nearly endless.

#5. GoWISE USA GW22631 Air Fryer
Best Touch Screen Display

If you like touch screen displays you will be wise to go with this GoWISE air fryer. Yes, I am aware that my little pun in that opening sentence probably failed to make you laugh, but I giggled, so let’s chalk it up to a good experience and carry on. My favorite feature for this machine is its touch display. I am a neat freak and love a spotlessly clean house. I am also a germ freak and hate when grungy food grime makes its way into the crevices of little knobs and buttons in my kitchen. Touch displays are beautifully helpful in my quest for a germ-free and easy-to-clean kitchen.

Let’s talk about a few other features, aside from the easy-to-use and easy-to-clean touch display. This fryer is available in two sizes – 3.7 quarts and 5.8 quarts. Depending on the size of meals you usually make and the size of dishes you would like to create with this fryer, you can select whichever model is best for your needs. Personally, I believe that bigger is always better when it comes to air fryers (so long as you have the space to accommodate the unit) since it is perfectly OK to use the machine without completely filling it.

Unlike some of the other options on this list, this one does not offer you the ability to cook multiple dishes at the same time, since it only contains one cooking basket. Therefore, I recommend this one mostly to those who prefer to use it to cook one dish at a time.

#6 – Gourmia GMF2600 9-In-1 Air Fryer & Multicooker
Best with Rotisserie

I swear, the more I researched air fryers the more and more impressed I became. It wasn’t so long ago that I first realized these little kitchen helpers existed. I’ve been using one of my own for a little while now and am never disappointed. My model, however, is extremely basic and is not capable of half the things this fryer can do.

By now, you are probably used to seeing air fryers which also grill and roast. Of course, this one is able to do those things as well. What’s more, though, is that it has a rotisserie spit to create the most tender, bronzed poultry you can imagine. This little all-in-one machine is, in my opinion, a magical cooking machine. Though I know it is far too small to take the place of an oven and stove, it’s wonderful to know that this little guy can be used as an add-on when you run out of space in either.

#7 – GoWISE USA GW22611/GW22612 Electric Fryer
Best for a Budget

If you are in search of incredible savings you need not look any further than this impressive GoWISE air fryer. Available for a fraction of the price of most other air fryers, this machine holds its own among them without costing you an arm and a leg. Even though this is one of the best low-cost options on the market (and consumers will attest to how well it does its job), the old adage “You get what you pay for” will always ring true in the world of electronics and appliances. This one doesn’t have quite as many fancy features as the others, which is probably how you are able to get it for such a good price.

One thing I do absolutely love about this fryer, though, is that you are able to select different settings based on the type of food you are cooking. Though a lot of other units allow you that same privilege, few at this price range have those preprogrammed settings.

Overall, I have to say that this is an excellent starter fryer. Those of you who haven’t used an air fryer before and aren’t quite sure if you are ready to make an expensive commitment should think about beginning here. It doesn’t require as much of a monetary commitment but still allows you to air fry your food with ease.

#8 – NuWave 20631 Oven Pro Plus
Best Turkey Cooker

Allow me to begin by saying that, yes, this can be used as a regular air fryer and yes, you can cook French fries inside. A lot of people see the picture of this machine with a turkey stuffed inside and wonder whether it really can perform the same tasks as the other fryers on this list.

The difference with this fryer, however, is that it can also cook an up to 10-pound turkey. Think about that for a moment. Not only can you use it to fry up some yummy vegetables, stir fry, French fries, or drum sticks, you can also use it to make a 10-pound turkey! Thanksgiving and other family get-togethers will never be the same.

Among its many other great qualities is the fact that you can set this machine to preheat, reheat, keep warm, and delay cook depending upon your needs at the time. Easy-push soft-touch buttons allow you to adjust all settings, including the temperature and the timer.

Like many of the other air fryers on this list, you can use this oversized machine to fry, bake, roast, grill, steam, and even dehydrate your food! This all-in-one machine takes the place of a deep fryer, oven, stovetop, steamer, and a dehydrator – talk about saving counter space and money!

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