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Sharp R830BK Microwave Review
Best Convection Microwave for Baking

Perfect for all your cooking and baking needs

Generally speaking, convection microwaves are considered the best of the best among microwave ovens. These small machines are capable of handling everything you could possibly need to cook in your kitchen. Whereas most microwave ovens can only cook certain foods, these babies can cook it all.

Some microwaves are only sufficient for making popcorn or reheating frozen entrees. This is typically because they aren’t quite strong enough to handle the task of cooking nor do they feature the proper technology to cook that food safely and thoroughly. This machine, on the other hand, is fully capable of making everything from popcorn and frozen entrees to roasted flanks of beef and chicken breasts. It can even bake! You can make cookies, bread, and cakes inside without ever having to turn on your conventional oven.

Sharp R830BK 900 Watts Convection Microwave Oven

Sharp R830BK Convection Microwave
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But why would you want a microwave to do all of these things for you? Well, besides the fact that it is totally awesome, it is also a huge space saver. As long as you do not require a huge baking space, you can easily pitch out your old oven and perform all your cooking and baking needs right inside this unit. Of course, you will want to keep your stovetop/range, but removing the traditional oven will allow you to gain a lot of cupboard space.

100 to 450 Degrees Fahrenheit

If you aren’t quite familiar with how a convection microwave works, give me a quick moment to explain; if you are familiar with them, skip ahead to the next paragraph. The main difference between a regular microwave and a convection microwave is that, basically, a convection microwave has two settings. You set it to work as a microwave or as an oven.

Using the microwave option, you can set the timer to a certain time, such as one minute or three and a half minutes. You can also adjust the power level for more delicate foods or defrosting. You can also select a pre-programmed setting such as “popcorn”. Using the oven option, however, allows you to select specific temperatures between the range of 150 degrees Fahrenheit and 450 degrees. Broiling appears to be the only thing you will not be able to do with this unit.

Even Has a Help Button

Here is a feature I have never seen before – a help button. Now, I am fairly certain that pushing the button will not make a miniature person pop out to assist you, nor will it telephone the company for assistance, but it will help you in a different way. It will pull up a settings menu where you can learn more about the microwave and its various features and functions.

Adjust the Beep

Just a little added bonus I love about this unit is that you can turn off the “ready” ding. You won’t have to be interrupted during telephone conversations or any other quiet task by the annoying “BEEP BEEP BEEP” of the microwave when the food you’re cooking has reached its limit!

If you rely heavily on reminders such as these, though, and would probably forget about your food if it never beeped, you can choose to leave the ding on. Some people often have their hands full, can’t get to things quickly, and have a very poor memory. If you are one of those people you will be happy to know that you can also set a reminder ding (or beep) to go off every minute or so that your food is left inside after it has finished cooking.

Other Notable Features

On top of everything we’ve already discussed here, there are a few notable features included with this unit. First, it comes with a porcelain-coated steel turntable which will help you evenly heat your entire meal. You can add extra time without stopping and restarting the unit. You can also choose to use a combination of both microwave and convection oven features.

The Summary

If you want something cutting edge, something different, something fully capable of replacing your traditional microwave and oven – this is exactly what you have been waiting for. Great features and excellent function make this a step above other convection microwaves. Unfortunately though, it seems they’re having problems with stock, as it’s frequently sold out. You can check here for yourself to see if it’s currently available.

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