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Nostalgia Electrics Retro Microwave Oven Review

Add a Bit of Retro Style to Your Kitchen

I have to admit then when I first started on my “microwave” journey (and it had been a few years since I needed to look for one), I was surprised at just how much choice is out there. For most of us, having an appliance like this in the kitchen isn’t something we miss – until it’s gone!

It was the silly things for me like being able to heat up food so it was hot enough to eat minutes after arriving home. Or being able to defrost something without having to remember to take it out of the freezer hours before, and even making a cold cup of coffee hot again!

Nostalgia Retro Series Countertop Microwave Oven

Nostalgia Electrics Retro Microwave
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Of course, there are models of microwave on the market that will do an awful lot more and if you want a bit more in this respect, the model I’m about to review here probably isn’t for you.

However, if you want compact, nice to look at and easy to use feel free to read on about the Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Countertop Microwave Oven.


This comes first in my review because, quite frankly, design is what this microwave oven oozes! It comes in stunning red which could easily be the center piece in terms of color if you’re kitchen is neutral and you want to add something bold, and it also comes in black for the more understated look.

These colors are mixed with a lovely looking retro chrome handle, buttons and dial which makes for a microwave that would easily fit into any retro style kitchen. It’s also small enough to fit on most sizes of countertop without being overbearing.

Capacity and Power

You get 0.7 cubic feet of space with this little microwave and 700 watts of power. Some of you might not think either of these is very much, but you’ll be surprised to learn that a dinner plate 11 inches in size will fit. Plus, the space inside will allow you to stack two plates on top of each other with a cover so you can heat enough food for two people.

OK so 700 watts of power doesn’t sound like much so you might find you need to wait a little longer than usual for everything to heat or defrost. However, this compact little oven does come with a turntable to help with even cooking.


Well, you don’t get a fancy push button to open the door. Instead you get a really nice looking chrome handle that fits perfectly with the overall design. There are no less than 12 pre-programmed features to make use of and these are also chrome and push button in style. The main control is a dial but again, it has been designed to fit in with the overall theme.

The push button options you can expect are: Micro-power, Express, Preset/Clock and defrost and Pause or Cancel. One handy feature with the dial is (unlike many other brands), you can reduce or increase the amount of cooking time while the microwave is in use and this can be done in 10 second increments.

The LED display above the controls is housed in circular chrome and displays the clock when not in use, and the amount of cooking time when it’s being used. What’s also handy to know is that once cooking has finished you only get 3 beeps then it stops. I happen to like this feature. Too many microwaves on the market spend a lot of time constantly beeping at you so it feels like Mom is giving you a good telling off!


If you’re looking for a secondary microwave that will easily fit on your countertop, you’re not expecting too much in the way of “bells and whistles” with the features included and are interested in adding a bit of “retro chic” to your kitchen, this microwave is worth considering.

The price won’t knock your socks off either. In fact, it will easily fit into the “gift” budget. If you would like to know more take a look at Amazon. Just recently, they were even adding gift wrap as an option.

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