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Danby Designer DMW077BLSSDD Microwave Review
Best Value for Money

The best bang for your buck

We aren’t all able to afford the absolute top of the line when it comes to appliances and electronics. That doesn’t mean, though, that we can’t still expect a quality piece of machinery for our money. All too often, people working within strict budgets have to make big sacrifices in order to get something even resembling what they want. I am happy to report that this Danby Designer microwave will allow you to work within a budget without having to sacrifice too many qualities or functions.

Danby Designer DMW077BLSDD Countertop Microwave

Danby Designer DMW077BLSDD
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Advanced Settings

This isn’t simply an affordable microwave; it also has a slew of impressive features and settings which are all worth mentioning here. I want to take a moment to point out all of these features, because they aren’t always included with a microwave of such a great price. A lot of the time, affordable microwaves ask you to sacrifice advanced settings such as those included with this microwave. That is what makes features and settings even more impressive on this microwave than any other.

In addition to regular cooking abilities, this microwave has a defrost option. This special setting regulates the power level to provide the best thaw without cooking the outside of your food. It also has a timer which allows you to run the clock and alarm beep without having to turn the entire unit on. I find this setting extremely helpful whenever I am baking or timing my children at specific tasks.

Six pre-set cook options adjust the power level and cook duration according to the specific food you are making. You can select among the following options: popcorn, potato, pizza, beverage, dinner plate, frozen vegetable. You can also create your own programmed settings for tasks you perform often and store them in the microwave’s memory system.

The Smallest Sacrifice

Look, I’ve already talked about the fact that you usually have to sacrifice something in order to get a deal on a microwave. I would be a liar and misleading if I were to sit here and act like this was the absolute best microwave in the world. Obviously, to get a deal as incredible as this while also receiving a good number of advanced settings there will have to be something you must sacrifice. I’ll get on with this, because I know the suspense is killing you. With this microwave, the only thing you will have to sacrifice is time.

Since this is only a 700-watt microwave, it will take a little longer to cook your food than some of the more expensive models on the market. The more expensive options boast between 900 and 1000 watts of power, allowing them to cook food very quickly. You can pop a family-sized bag of popcorn in under two minutes in one of those babies. This microwave, on the other hand, would take about three minutes to pop a bag of corn. What is a little extra time, though, when you consider the price of this unit? When I was a kid it was nearly (if not completely) impossible to find a microwave that could cook popcorn in less than three minutes. It took thirty seconds to a full minute to cook a single hot dog. Things sure have changed since then, and even this microwave will be quicker than those I used as a child.

When I consider this microwave, I ask myself, “What are a few extra seconds or minutes when I can save a lot of money by making this choice?” You will still be able to cook your food in a mere fraction of the time it would take to do so with a traditional stove or oven!

Styles and Sizes

Multiple color and size options are available for this microwave. Of course, the price of the unit increases with the size. Still, when compared with other, similar machines of the same size, this microwave always gets you the best bang for your buck. You can select among stainless steel, black, and white versions of this unit. In terms of sizing, your options include 0.7 cubic feet, 0.9 cubic feet, 1.1 cubic feet, and 1.4 cubic feet.


Most other budget-friendly microwaves require you to sacrifice special features, such as defrost and pre-set functions. Many budget-friendly microwaves do not have a “cook by weight” option. Almost all budget-friendly microwaves are tiny, usually measuring in at 0.5 cubic feet or smaller. This microwave, on the other hand, allows you to keep all of those special features and select an appropriate size for your needs; all within your tight budget.
You can check right here on Amazon how much, or should I say, how little this one costs.

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