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Panasonic Genius 1250 Watt Microwave Review

Do More Than Just Reheat and Defrost!

We all lead busy lives these days. It doesn’t matter if you’re yet to “tie the knot” and have a family or if you’ve already got that far in life, spending time in the kitchen cooking is something that’s well, just not part of every-day life anymore.

That’s why manufacturers are doing their best to make sure that microwave technology can at least allow you to make a meal without just opening the packaging, spiking the plastic with a fork and reheating it.

Panasonic Stainless Steel Microwave with Inverter Technology

Panasonic Genius 1250 Stainless Steel
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Panasonic is one such manufacturer that has turned microwave cooking on its head and that’s why the Genius 1250 Watt Microwave with Inverter Technology in Stainless Steel earns a place on my website. I’ll admit I’m not the healthiest eater on the planet, but I am aware that getting enough vitamins and nutrients from the food we eat is important.

As you’re about to learn this can be done using a microwave! Many conventional models heat food to the point where the bits that are good for you are lost because of the way it’s heated, but with this model that’s not the case.

So, let’s start with the first thing you probably want to know.

Power and Capacity

As the name suggests you get 1250 watts of power with this microwave oven which is among the highest on the market. You can choose from two sizes on the inside: 1.6 or 2.2 cu ft. Both capacities are easily big enough to handle dishes you’re likely to use when cooking for a family and if space is an issue in your kitchen, there are options there as well.

Inverter Technology uses much smaller parts than traditional microwaves so this means there is more space inside without having to make the overall unit bigger. Just in case you’re looking at this one for your countertop, the measurements for the 2.2 cu ft capacity are: Depth 19 7/16 inches, Width 23 7/8 inches and height 14 inches.

It also only weighs 37lbs which is pretty lightweight considering what you get in terms of space on the inside. Your other option is to have this microwave built-in but that will mean purchasing the trim kit separately.


I know looks are important and this model has an almost commercial design, yet it will (in my humble opinion) still look attractive in any kitchen. The housing is made from stainless steel which, incidentally is fingerprint resistant (very useful when handling food) and the overall look is pretty sleek because you have a push button to operate the door instead of a handle.

Panasonic NN-SN973S control panelThe controls are all neatly arranged to the right of the door with an LED display above. The panel beneath has been thoughtfully designed as well. Not only do you have everything you need in one place but the buttons are slightly raised to give a more tactile feel when you’re using them.

The only slight downside is that some people may find them difficult to read because the color used is grey which isn’t dissimilar to the background and housing. Some have also noted the LED display isn’t as bright as they would like but I guess this comes down to personal preference.


One of the best features about this microwave (and I’m really starting to bore people with this) is the Inverter Technology. I can’t rave about this enough because it’s the one piece of technology that will really allow you to “cook” in your microwave without producing food that’s burnt around the edges, has boiled over and lost its taste or all the goodness as just been “blasted” away.

The sensor reheat button uses this technology to deliver food that’s heated to just the right temperature without much in the way of intervention from you. Simply pop the food on the turntable inside, hit the reheat sensor button and the microwave will do the rest.

The cook and defrost options work in the same way. This is because the microwave has sensors inside that calculate how much steam is being produced. So, if you choose defrost, reheat or cook it will know when to stop. I love this feature because it means you don’t have to constantly check the food (or beverages) to see if they’re warm enough and adjust if necessary. It also stops “over de-frosting” and over-cooking which means better tasting food!

The versatility doesn’t stop there either. Perhaps you’ve prepared two or more courses for dinner and need to keep the 2nd course warm while you eat the first. In which case, you can make use of the keep warm function. This pulses the amount of microwave energy so the food is actually kept warm and doesn’t keep cooking (no more dry chicken for dinner)! Oh, and the microwave will do this constantly for up to 30 minutes.

Of course there are all sorts of other neat touches to this microwave. You have 10 different levels of power, a quick minute option, child safety lock and it just wouldn’t be a microwave without that popcorn button!


I really like this microwave. In fact, it’s caused me something of a dilemma because I was considering the Panasonic NN-SD681S Genius but since seeing this one, I can’t make my mind up! If you would like to know more about this model and how much it will cost you, take a look at Amazon. They actually had some pretty good discounts the last time I looked.

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