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Kenmore 73092 Microwave Review

Purchasing Your First Microwave? Try This One!

The first thing I thought of when I saw this microwave was teenagers. Well, young people who are just about to start life away from the family home anyway. As parents, we all want to make sure our kids have the best start when they “fly the nest” and the one thing we all worry about is will they eat properly!

Of course, the answer to that question is probably no since it’s much easier to stop by a drive-thru or order some take-out. Whilst you can’t stop them from doing this, there is a way to get them to eat a few decent meals throughout the week, and that’s to buy them a microwave.

Sure, popcorn and pizza are the first items of food that are likely to “christen” this gadget, but think about how easy it would be for them to reach into the freezer, defrost and reheat their favorite casserole that’s been prepared the only way Mom knows how to!

Kenmore 0.9 cu. ft. Countertop Microwave White

Kenmore 73092 Countertop Microwave
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Of course, this isn’t the only situation you might want to consider this model of microwave which, incidentally, is the Kenmore 0.9 cubic feet Countertop Microwave White 73092. It could be that you live life in the fast lane and don’t have much time to cook, or you just want the convenience of being able to reheat or quickly defrost food.

So why would you consider this one? Let’s see!

Capacity and Overall Design

You get 0.9 cubic feet of space with this microwave oven and 900 watts of power. This is easily enough to accommodate most things you would like to do such as melt chocolate or other ingredients for baking, reheat enough food for two people and defrost meats.

The design is what you would expect from a manufacturer like Kenmore (they’re one of the most popular brands in the US for a reason). The unit is white in color and a standard shape, however, due to its size it will fit perfectly on most countertops.

The door makes use of a push button opening mechanism which means no more bashed arms as you walk past, and also helps when looking for a place it will sit because there is no handle sticking out. The controls which are a touch button type are all neatly positioned on the front right.

Above the controls is a really handy LED display where you can easily see what time it is or what power level or cooking times you’ve selected (although these are not displayed when the oven is in use).


I was surprised to learn about the amount of features you get with this microwave given the price, and the manufacturer has included at least one I think is very clever.
There are six options that will allow you to get things going in the kitchen at the touch of a button and these include: Potato, Pizza, Popcorn, Frozen vegetables, Dinner Plate and Beverages. Above that you can select the cook or defrost time and you can also choose to defrost by weight.

There are 10 power levels included and the amount of cooking, reheat or defrost times go up in 30 second increments. What I think is REALLY clever is that this little microwave will allow you to save the program and power level times you use most often. This saves loads of time and I think it’s a great feature to include.

You can also set the unit to do multi-stage defrost and cooking. This means that once the first stage has been completed, the next will start automatically. Clever huh!

Of course, this model also includes a turntable which is 10.6 inches in diameter (easily big enough for a dinner plate), and it’s dishwasher safe. The only slight niggle I have found with this microwave is that it is a little lightweight. This is great if you want to move it around but it might become an annoyance when opening and closing the door if you’re a little heavy handed.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for a microwave oven for the first time, don’t have much space in your kitchen or you’re just looking for something that’s easy enough to use so it won’t put the youngsters off, I think this model is worth a look.

The price won’t get you hot under the collar either! If you’re interested, my favorite online retail store (Amazon), had a few left in stock the last time I looked.

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