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GE PVM9179SFSS Over-the-Range Microwave Review

A Second Pair of Hands in the Kitchen

I have to be honest, this review took my search for a microwave to a whole other level. I wasn’t actually looking for anything too sophisticated and whilst the model I’m about to tell you about won’t make a cup of coffee for you, it will bake a cake!

GE Profile 1.7 Cubic Feet Stainless Steel Over-the-Range Microwave

GE PVM9179SFSS OTR Convection
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The microwave I’m talking about is the GE PVM9179SFSS Profile 1.7 Cubic Feet which comes in stainless steel and is an over the range type. I quite like the idea of this type of microwave because for one thing, it saves space on your countertop and it’s much easier to get to both for cooking and cleaning.

What I also like about this little oven isn’t just that you can use it as a replacement for your conventional oven but the fact it also uses convection cooking, which is something I first thought was only available with traditional ovens.

So let’s see how this microwave can act as a second pair of hands in the kitchen.

The Basics and Design

As mentioned in the model name, you get 1.7 cubic feet of space inside this unit which allows you to use all sorts of cookware such as casserole dishes or cake tins. The amount of power delivered is 1,000 watts and considering you have the added feature of convection, this will make cooking much faster.

GE-PVM9179SFSS Control PanelThis is a very nice looking microwave in stainless steel so once installed it will add a certain something to most kitchens. The control panel and glass in the door is grey in color which contrasts very well with the chrome type handle. All of the controls are neatly arranged to the right of the door and at the top you have an LED display which can be used as a clock and timer.

You get a total of 9 one-touch buttons right beneath the LED which includes the following: Popcorn (of course), Beverage, Microwave Express, Warm, Power Level and Auto Cook. However, the last three options are where you really get what you pay for: Convection Bake, Combination Fast Bake and Convection Roast.

The timer is a dial type mechanism which can take a bit of getting used if you’re used to a push button style microwave but once you’ve mastered it, it works very well (personally I like this better). Of course this over the range microwave will also allow you to defrost and reheat.

More advanced Features

Convection cooking is one of the best features for me.
Although this microwave does come with a turntable, you don’t have to use it all the time. When you use the convection bake or roast option, food will cook like it does in a traditional oven only faster! And, you don’t have to turn the pan for an even “finish”.

There is also something called “sensor” cooking which means that whatever you’re preparing, be it defrost, cook or reheat, this model will take the guess work out of how long food needs before it’s ready. Simply tell the oven what you want and it will automatically adjust both the power levels and cooking time for you.

You can also use this model as a warming oven which is ideal if you want to keep food at the right temperature without it over-cooking or simply want to warm some plates before dinner.

Other Points worth Noting

Installation isn’t difficult as long as you have the right space for it. The microwave is equipped with a vent and you can choose if you would like to use the fan or not. Plus, you also get a surface light which helps illuminate your cooking area.

Overall, if you want the benefits of a “normal” microwave that will also act as a secondary oven, this model is definitely worth a look. It will even allow you to convert standard recipes to convection so you can cook whole meals in it (perfect for those extra guests on special occasions).

You might think the price is out of your reach, but when I looked on Amazon I was pleasantly surprised to find this over the range microwave won’t break the bank. Personally, I think this appliance could truly be your second pair of hands in the kitchen!

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